Howdy Trail Members. The new Texas Whiskey Trail app is here. The temp check-in form is no longer needed. You must download the app to check in to a distillery.



If you are a member, click I already have a membership. Enter the email associated with your membership. You will have to create a password. This is the only time you will do the verification process.
To check into distilleries, visit the map, select the distillery you are at (must be onsite), and click check-in (lower left corner).
The app is in a great place, but there might still be a few bugs, so please be patient.
Also, your points are there, but recent check-ins (last weekend and current) may not be included. We will get them added.
If you have any questions or run into issues, kindly email


If you are not a member and want to join the Texas Whiskey Trail, please follow the steps on the app.


What is the Texas Whiskey Trail?

The Texas Whiskey Trail is a self-paced road trip experience visiting
the leading distilleries in Texas. The trail offers free and paid
memberships. Perfect for the enthusiasts and the curious. Sign up,
earn points with each distillery visit. Or become a Trailblazer to
unlock extra rewards and exclusive offers.

How it Works

Members can accumulate points by visiting distilleries, going
to events, and completing achievements on the trail! These
points can be used to unlock rewards and can be redeemed
for gifts at the Texas Whiskey Trail Store.

Members can redeem points by emailing