Located in the heart of Dallas’s Historical Deep Ellum Neighborhood, Deep Ellum Distillery is the perfect place to visit on a Friday or Saturday afternoon. Although Deep Ellum is mostly associated with its award-winning All-Purpose Vodka, the distillery has also been quietly laying down Texas-Certified whiskey. Deep Ellum’s whiskey is a tribute to Irish whiskies and is made with 51% Malted Barley and 49% Unmalted Texas grown Barley. Although they haven’t set a definite release date for the whiskey you can still schedule a tour and learn more about their process and what makes Deep Ellum unique.

Deep Ellum Distillery

2880 Clover St, Dallas, TX 75226
(214) 888-1256

Tour details:

  • Friday: 6pm
  • Saturday: 4pm (Starting June 15th)

Trailblazer exclusives:

  • Trailblazers will receive 10% off all merchandise
  • Free tickets to all special events