Ironroot Republic was founded in Denison, Texas by brothers Robert and Jonathan Likarish. Although they opened in 2013, the name Ironroot pays tribute to the history of the city of Denison – where T.V. Munson famously saved the French wine industry phylloxera using Texas’ “Iron” grape roots. In that spirit, the Likarish brothers embrace problem-solving and constantly strive to improve – adapting their processes to the unique Texas climate, rather than attempting to replicate a specific flavor profile.

Using Texas heirloom grains in ten different mash bills, Ironroot mashes, ferments, barrel ages and bottles on site. 95% of the grain used in their whiskies is sourced from within 60 miles of the distillery. After double pot still distillation, they utilize varying barrel entry proofs, barrel sizes, and other strategies inspired by French “elevage” techniques to slow down the maturation process that is accelerated in Texas. While some distilleries use smaller barrels for rapid aging, and the industry average barrel size is 53 gallons, Ironroot is experimenting with barrels up to 70 gallons!

Their award-winning whiskies retain a signature flavor while raising the bar for quality and complexity. Their flagship Harbinger Bourbon has a sweeter, more rounded and fruity profile. Promethean is a higher rye bourbon with extra spice, and they also offer the unique Hubris corn whiskey. Visit their distillery and tasting room, and after touring their impressive facilities, have a signature cocktail crafted by their talented bar staff.

Ironroot Republic

3111 Loy Lake Rd, Denison, TX 75020
(903) 337-0495

Tour details:

  • Tours: Every Saturday at 1 pm – by appointment
  • Bar & Lounge: First Saturday of the month from 2-8:30 pm

Trailblazer exclusives:

  1. Access to a special Cask Strength Single Barrel release in October