Ranger Creek is San Antonio’s award-winning “brewstillery”; producing a range of beers, bourbon, rye, and single malt whiskies. Co-founded in 2010 by TJ Miller, Dennis Rylander, and Mark McDavid, they recently celebrated their 9th anniversary. Head distiller Josh Gardner craft their range of unique, award-winning spirits.

The whiskey at Ranger Creek is produced and matured entirely on-site, from grain to glass. They use a mix of large and small, new charred oak barrels to age their bourbon expressions. These barrels are also aged in a mixture of shipping containers and a more traditional rickhouse, to provide a wide range of flavor profiles. The ex-bourbon barrels are then reused to age their single malt whiskey, as well as their 100% rye whiskey, which produces a more grain-forward spirit.

In addition to their “small caliber” and “large caliber” bottlings (referring to the size of the barrels the whiskeys were aged in), and their rye whiskey, perhaps the most unique Ranger Creek expression is Rimfire single malt. Instead of smoking the barley with peat in the Scottish tradition, Ranger Creek uses mesquite wood for an authentic Texas character. They also offer smaller batch special release bottlings, as well as the distillery exclusive “Whiskey Club” expressions, and single barrel program.

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