William Price Distilling Company was founded by college roommates Bryan Clary and Zachary Hiller.  Located in the Garden Oaks neighborhood of Houston, TX, the distillery opened its doors in the Spring of 2021.

Like all true Texans, we wanted to honor our roots. So, we named the distillery after Bryan’s great-great-great-great grandfather who was the first of either Bryan or Zack’s family to move to Texas in 1848.   The man was a trailblazer.  He owned and operated a grocery store (liquor store) in New Salem, IL from 1820-1832.  Before moving to Texas, Bill bet the general store owner next door, Mr. Offut, that Bill’s cousin could beat Offut’s new employee in a wresting match.  That employee was a young Abraham Lincoln.  Just as Honest Abe was about to win, Clary’s family cheated and ultimately the bet was declared a draw.

As important as it was to pay homage to our Texas ancestors, we also wanted to forge our own path and create our own Lone Star Legacy.  We decided to open in Houston because we are city folk.  By combining the spirit and creativity of the Metropolitan Texas community, the distillery is designed to impart memorable and unique experiences which will stay with customers long after they have left.

We believe that having a quality spirit and full transparency are prerequisites for success. We will never sacrifice quality for profit and will never hide which of our offerings are sourced and which are distilled in house.  Our spirits can not only be found in bars, restaurants, and stores, but for a truly exceptional experience you should come visit our tasting room and lounge where our mixologists hand craft premium cocktails from our spirits for you to enjoy while gazing on our hand-beaten 1500-gallon Forsyth’s still right behind the bar.

At William Price what we are drinking is just as important as who we are drinking with. As such, community outreach programs and spirit education courses form the backbone of the distillery’s programs.  At the end of the day, William Price is a place where people can come together to celebrate life.  Both as a platform for good and good times, we mean it when we say that we are #RaisingTexanSpirits.

Trailblazer Exclusives

-Free .5 oz sample per visit

-15% off merchandise

-Early access to select special releases

970 Wakefield Drive, Houston, TX 77018