TahWahKaro gets their name from an indigenous term meaning ‘bend in the river’ and namesake for the original water source of settlers in Grapevine, where the distillery is based.  The spring became the lifeblood of the community for generations. Today it serves as the home of TahWahKaro, a family owned, small batch distillery. They use purified local water to draw out the simple flavors from Texas raw corn, wheat, rye, and malted barley and make a smooth, balanced four-grain bourbon whiskey. They mill the raw grains to a certain size, cook the grains with the best water, then ferment the mash to their exact standards to make their well-rounded Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey. In this whiskey you will taste an enticing balance of flavors from roasted corn, vanilla, caramel, smoke, buttered toast, and white pepper.

Tahwahkaro Distilling Co

541 Industrial Blvd Suite C, Grapevine, TX 76051
(817) 410-0100

Tour details:

  • Nov. 16  1-2pm
  • Dec. 6 1-2 PM
  • Dec. 7  1-2pm
  • Dec. 13 1-2 PM
  • Dec. 14  1-2pm

Email info@tahwhiskey.com to book!

Trailblazer exclusives:

  1. Masterclasses (dates TBD)
  2. 10% discount on merchandise