Whitmeyer’s Distilling Co.

16721 Hollister St., Suite I, Houston, Texas 77066

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In July of 2002, shortly after 9/11, brothers Travis and Chris Whitmeyer enlisted together in the US Army as Field Artillerymen. After completing basic training, they were sent together to serve in the First Infantry Division stationed in Germany. While there, Travis; met a local girl that lived on a small Bavarian farm. Her family had been producing all sorts of alcohol for numerous generations, from Brandies, and Schnapps, to Beers and Wines. Travis spent many of his days with her family falling in love with the process. In February 2004, the brothers left Germany on a 13-month combat deployment to Iraq. Travis cut ties with the girl, as he didn’t want the strain of a long-distance relationship going into combat. The brothers returned home to Germany in March 2005 and were honorably discharged back home to Texas in August of the same year.

Both brothers worked their way through college. Chris attended Lamar University in Beaumont, TX, to study Business and Economics. Travis attended the University of Houston to Study Political Science Minoring in Global Business at the Wolf Center for Entrepreneurship. One of Travis’ first business class assignments was to write a business plan, so he wrote a business plan for a Distillery.

At the time, there were only 3 or 4 distilleries operating in Texas. After many years of research, and practical application, Travis was able to convince his brother Chris, and their Father Wesley, to start up the First Legal Distillery in Harris County. So there they are today. They remain 100% family-owned and operated and Veteran Owned and Operated with an ever-expanding line of premium spirits. The Whitmeyer Family has now been in Texas for Seven Generations.


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  • Due to COVID-19, please contact the distillery for inquiries on hours of operation