Our Member Distilleries

The Texas Whiskey Trail takes you on a journey of authentic achievement. Our member distilleries craft their whiskey with true Texas pride. They start with grain, then they mash, ferment, distill, mature and bottle — all within the State of Texas. But most importantly, they tell the truth. And it’s a truth you can taste.

Note:  The Texas Whiskey Trail is welcoming at least 4 new member Distilleries to be a part of the Official 2020 Trail. They are as follows…

Some other members may be announced throughout January 2020 and the final 2020 Trail Map will be published in February.  Please stay tuned as we announce more throughout the month of January. The price of a Trailblazer membership will increase in February, so be sure to get your Trailblazer membership NOW!


Texas is BIG y’all.
To see our great state, and enjoy our amazing whiskeys, you have to have a thirst for adventure and a truly independent spirit.

The Texas Whiskey Trail invites you to choose your own adventure, and take your time to savor all our state has to offer. So, we’ve created three levels of membership that give you an entire year to travel the Trail. Throughout, you’ll have opportunities to unlock achievements and earn rewards for your pursuit of some of the world’s best whiskeys.

Regular Membership
FREE!Ongoing Membership
  • Basic Trail Points
  • Completion Award
  • Achievement Bonus Points
  • Special Event Points
  • — — — —
  • — — — —
  • — — — —
  • — — — —

*Trailblazer Welcome Pack

Every Trailblazer will receive a welcome package of provisions to aid you on your journey.  You will receive a Trailblazer Membership Card, a Certified Texas Whiskey™ tasting glass, a Texas Whiskey Trail t-shirt, and of course, bragging rights forever!

**Ongoing Distillery Benefits

Distillery Members of the Texas Whiskey Trail will each offer an ongoing benefit to every trailblazer who comes to visit them throughout the year. For example, discounts on…

— Distillery merchandise —

— regular events & live music —

— food —

— and much more—

***Distillery Exclusives

Texas is making whiskey history, and Trailblazers will be among the only people in the world to have access to touch, taste and experience history first-hand.

At various times throughout the year, member distilleries will be offering something truly special for Trailblazer members. Exclusive or early access to things like…

— Distillery-only bottle releases —

— Trailblazer-only barrel picks —

— Master classes with distillers, blenders and whiskey pioneers —

— Exclusive events, dinners, and collector’s items —

How Trail Points Work

One of the most exciting benefits of joining the Texas Whiskey Trail are the points you can accumulate from visiting distilleries, going to events and completing achievements on the trail! These points can be used to unlock rewards and can be redeemed for gifts at the Texas Whiskey Trail Store. The store will be launching later this summer, so rack up your points now!


Distillery Visit Points

Achievements & Bonus Points

North Texas Whiskey Trail


Check-in at all 5 distilleries located in North Texas Region during 2019

Point Value:

Bonus Points

Hill Country Whiskey Trail


Check-in at all 8 distilleries located in Hill Country Region during 2019

Point Value:

Bonus Points

Gulf Coast Whiskey Trail


Check-in at 2 distilleries located in the Gulf Coast Region during 2019

Point Value:

Bonus Points

* First Annual Visit is the first time you check-in to each Trail Member distillery in a given year. Each Year the Trail will reset and add distilleries.

** Additional Member Distillery Visits are trips to distilleries at which you have previously checked-in to during the same calendar year.

*** Events may be a distillery party, product release, etc… located on the distillery grounds. Or it may be a separate event where a member distillery is present. The Texas Whiskey Trail may also attend special events and may provide attendance bonus points for a check-in. Point values will vary between events.